Have you ever shared or done something on-line you regret?

Would you know what to do and where to turn if you did?

It’s so easy to post online now that you may put something on without thinking about the consequences. Although most sites will have a delete post option, once you have put something up anyone can save it and re post. So it’s better to think first!

Some people without good intentions can try to persuade you to post inappropriate or sexual content online either via your digital camera, phone or on webcam. People who are looking to abuse young people online will often manipulate relationships and pressure you into doing things you feel uncomfortable with.

If you feel uncomfortable about anything that anyone asks you to do online, in a chat area, social networking site or elsewhere – block them and then report it using CE-OP .

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want - so say no if you feel it's not right.

You need to know that you won’t be in trouble, whatever you have done. Talk it through with someone you trust- a friend or a relative or call Childline to talk confidentially on 0800 1111.

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