ROVA - Rutland’s Opportunity for Vocational Achievement

The ROVA programme offers Year 10 pupils in Rutland the opportunity to follow a vocational or work-related course of study either in a local further education college or one of the three community colleges alongside the national curriculum subjects they are working towards in school.

The ROVA project has been developed in partnership between the three community colleges, the three further education colleges (Brooksby Melton College, Rutland College and Corby College (part of Tresham Institute), Stamford College and the LEA.

This works with pupils attending one of the partner colleges one day a week (Thursday) for the two years during Years 10 and 11. You would attend whichever college offers the course you selected.

The ROVA programme is designed to give Year 10 pupils a flavour of a real working environment to prepare them for further training or employment at 16.

It provides opportunities to look at local industry and work with local employers and should complement the work experience selected by the you during Year 10.

However, those of you who intend to follow an academic route at 16 may want the opportunity to investigate different pathways into a career.

The ROVA subjects on offer include:

  • Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
  • Hairdressing
  • Landbased
  • Sport & Leisure
  • Food Preparation and Cooking
  • Construction