• Date:Wed, Feb 1, 2012

  • Thousands of kids will receive a new smartphone this Christmas. Yet, 70% of phones are unmonitored by parents - & Sexting often fills the void.

    Reliable evidence suggests 15%-25% of kids has created or seen a Sext2. The consequences can be devastating:

    - For kids depicted :: Sexting leads to depression & social withdrawal. - For kids who share images :: Sexting often leads to criminalisation. - For schools :: Sexting is highly disruptive to discipline & learning.

    The new app “SelfieCop” is the first parental-control to focus exclusively on deterring Sexting by tracking kids’ camera activity. It works in 2 ways:

    1- Everytime the camera is activated a message appears to remind kids that any photos they take may ultimately be seen by anyone.

    SelfieCop is software that also sends parents a copy of the photos & videos that are taken by the camera, so they can review them for safety (until their children are older).

    SelfieCop has the widest image detection capability of any parental control app and can take copies of photos or videos via such popular apps as:

    • - WhatsApp
    • - Instagram
    • - Twitter
    • - Facebook
    • - MessageMe
    • - WeChat
    • - Kik
    • - Telegram
    • - Line
    • - & many more

    Together these two features encourage kids to

    STOP-&-THINK before they take a photo or video: "Do I really want my Mum, Dad (or someone else) to see this?"
    Download the PDF files for more information.