• New Video on CONSENT

    New Video on CONSENT

    • A New video to explain the principles of CONSENT can be watched on our Health and Wellbeing page - Using a sandwich! . . . read more
  • Health for teens website

    Health for teens website

    • The Health For Teens Website is a great new website with LOADS of information on everything from relationships, health, exams, feelings and LOADS more. . . . read more
  • The dangers of Sexting

    The dangers of Sexting

    • The Dangers if Sexting: STOP-&-THINK before you take a photo or video: Would you really want your Mum, Dad (or someone else) to see it? . . . read more
  • X-Ite: Fun and Fitness

    X-Ite: Fun and Fitness

    • New X-Ite Fitness class for 13-16 year olds (girls & boys) at the Catmose Sports Centre. Techniques from Martial Arts / Hip Hop / Dance / Yoga / Plyometrics and Sports conditioning. . . . read more